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What the blazes are Google Page Rankings?

Your page may have the very best content in the whole wide world web – but if no-one’s reading it then it very nearly doesn’t exist. Nearly.

But don’t be down intrepid cyber pioneer all you need to do is bump up your site’s Google Page Ranking.

To do this you’ll need to carefully plant links across the web. Google can then analyse this breadcrumb trail and, if they deem your content worthy, move you to the opening results pages – which is essentially like your web address written in massive skywriting over Big Ben accompanied by a marching band, bunny girls and Justin Bieber.

But how do the mighty Googlebots analyse links?

Just as winning the X-Factor no longer guarantees the Christmas #1 spot, littering the web with links to your site won’t fool the Googlebots. Today it’s about quality as well as quantity. It’s about being useful.

To calculate just how useful your content is, Google will asses the relevance of pages that link to you. It takes into account:

  • The PR of the linking page
  • Whether the linking page is on-focus
  • The number of outgoing links on the outgoing link page
  • The quality of the incoming links directed at the website of the outgoing link

WE REPEAT – IT’S NOT ABOUT NUMBERS. Google works out rankings for each individual search phrase, based on page content, titles, code compliancy, the weight of the source code and ease of navigation.

Cheesy example

Gordon Zola is an esteemed cheese maker with a gently maturing website. Links from other trusted Fromagers or Jamie Oliver will up his rankings. But a link from Big Paul’s Pool Cleaners will be considered off focus and irrelevant.

What Page Rank should I aim for?

The page rank scale is 1 – 10 (10 being the highest, the biggest and the bestest).

Page Rank 0 -2:
You need help – consider a strategic link campaign
Page Rank 3:
Good news, you’re competing for relatively uncompetitive search terms, but there’s always room for improvement so concentrate on on-page optimization
Page Rank 4 – 5:
If you’re operating in a fairly non-competitive market then aim for this ranking
Page Rank 6 and above:
You’re now reaching the dizzying heights when other webmasters will want to link to you. By working reciprocally you can both boost your Page Rank. Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?

While it’s good to get links from high ranking websites, never forget all the little guys add up. If a smaller site’s got enough integrity then its recommendation can give your page ranking a little nudge.

I'm inspired, how do I go about Link Campaigning?

Link Campaigns can be a long hard slog, but the results are well worth it. Aim to make steady progress and bring in a few quality links a month. A search engine optimization professional can help. SEOmoz tools are a must-have for anyone who is starting a link campaign and is indispensable when developing links and optimizing organic search results.

No-one knows exactly how Google works. But if we just remember their mission "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful" it stands to reason that if we do everything to help them out – they might just return the favor.